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Mike - Music Composer and Sound Designer

Hello my YouTube Friends!

My name is Mike, and my YouTube channel is dedicated to: Sharing my Story and Journey as a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I want to Inspire, Motivate and Empower Creative People like You! ?

I am listening to my loyal viewers, which means you can vote on videos you want to see every week. So please share your vote now. =)

I wish you all the best for your own professional journey in music. Take care, and I’ll see You in the next video!

PS. I don’t take video requests, because my journey is and will always be to follow my own heart first and foremost. But letting you vote on things I would like to do is a perfect compromise. =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer

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YouTube Collaborations

Want to Collaborate with me on YouTube?

I only work with professional music channels on YouTube, and here are my minimum requirements:

  • More than 10 000 Subscribers
  • You need to be on camera in most of your videos
  • Professional video quality with lots of engagement

If you like to collaborate and meet these requirement, apply to join my private FB Group for Professional Music Channels to connect and collaborate.

My Professional Collab Alliance