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The Reverb Effect is one of the most used in music production. So what does reverb actually do, and how can you use it in your music?

What is Reverb? Let’s first define what reverb is. Reverb, is short for reverberation. And it is created when a sound bounces on surfaces around the sound source, causing a large number of reflections to build up and then decay as the sound is absorbed.

So basically reverb is a large amount of echoes from all surfaces around you, that smear together into what is called a reverb, or sometimes, a room sound. But reverb does not have to be a room. In fact, you have reverb everywhere. Well except in space, because there is no sound there.

But the point is, that if there are any surfaces at all that sound can bounce on, you will get an echo. And all those echoes coming from all directions is what creates the reverb. The reverb tells our brain how large the room is, and even the kind of surfaces in it. For example a wooden room sound different than a room of stone, like a church.

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