Let’s Collaborate!

What I will do for You

  1. I will Produce a High Quality Video showcasing your Product and Brand.
  2. I will Publish the Video on all my channels.
  3. I will Send you the Link to the Video when it is published.

PS. Take your chance to Promote your Products and Brand to a highly targeted audience of Music Makers and Artists, who are super interested in Music Technology like your Products.

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Creator

More Information and Statistics

My Channel Statistics and Info

  1. YouTube Channel: 5208 Subscribers
    – I Share my Story and Journey as a Music Composer and Sound Designer to Inspire and Motivate Music Makers and Artists all over the world.
  2. Facebook Page: 2375 Likes
    – I Share Updates that matter for Music Makers and Artists. I also sometimes promote products and services that are valuable for my audience.
  3. Facebook Group: 667 Members
    – I am the sole founder, leader and admin of “The Music Makers Group”, which is my own community for music makers who wants to level up their music skills and career.

Audience Demographics (YouTube)

  1. Target Audience: Music Makers and Artists
    Ex. Music Composers, Producers, Beatmakers, Songwriters, Sound Designers etc.
  2. Demographics Stats on YouTube
    1. 56% of my audience is between 25 – 44 years
    2. 55% watches from their computer
    3. 41% live in the US, 10% in the UK
Influencer Marketing for Music Makers and Artists

My Standard Terms

  1. Creative Control
: I reserve the right to have full creative control over what goes in the video.
  2. Honesty
: If I have minor criticism of any aspect of the product, I will be honest and open about it in the video. I always do so in a positive and constructive way. In case I have major criticism, I will not publish the video, and let you know this. I only promote products I personally enjoy.
  3. Disclaimers: All my videos that are sponsored in any way will have a disclaimer both in the video, and the video description. I will always be transparent with my audience.