Let’s Collaborate!

Watch my Quick Overview Video first

What I will do for You

  1. I will Produce a High Quality Video and include your Product.
  2. I will Publish the Video on my influencer channels.
  3. You will Gain new Leads and Customers.

PS. Use the Power of Influencer Marketing to reach a highly targeted audience of Music Composers, Producers and Artists who follow me on my online channels.

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Creator

My Influencer Channel Statistics

Updated Dec 2018

YouTube Channel “Journey of a Composer” – 6905 Subscribers

Facebook Group “Composers and Producers” – 1855 Members

Facebook Group “Film/TV/Game/Media Composers” – 145 Members

My Standard Terms

  1. Creative Control
: I reserve the right to have full creative control over what goes in the video.
  2. Honesty
: If I have minor criticism of any aspect of the product, I will be honest and open about it in the video. I always do so in a positive and constructive way. In case I have major criticism, I will not publish the video, and let you know this. I only promote products I personally enjoy.
  3. Disclaimers: All my videos that are sponsored in any way will have a disclaimer both in the video, and the video description. I will always be transparent with my audience.