WATCH VIDEO: Reason 9.5 – Which VST Plugins will you get first?

Alright, so the storm have settled now. Reason will get VST Support, for real. So now the question is: What VST plugins should you get first?

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I’m sure you are like me, and can’t wait until you can add your favorite VSTs to Reason. Btw Do you own any VSTs right now? Share which VSTs you already have in a comment. I actually own quite many, because I have been using other DAWs for the last years, and now I can finally use my VSTs together with Reasons rack extensions. Best of both worlds. This is amazing.

I bet many of us will open up our wallets and throw money on new VSTs, am I right? But which VST plugins will you get first? I think the stock mastering in Reason is lacking, so I’m considering getting the Ozone suite. Unless you guys have any other suggestion for mastering plugins.

For creative sound mangling and destruction, I have been checking out iZotope Trash, as well as Soundtoys Decapitator. In fact, the entire Soundtoys package would be great to have in Reason.

For reverb I would love to use the Valhalla VSTs, which I’ve heard has an amazing, majestic and lush quality. Any other suggestions for reverbs guys?

For instruments, I actually already own all everything from Spectrasonics except Keyscape, and I also have the Native Instrument Komplete Ultimate Package. These will get most of my instrument needs coverered.

But as I compose mainly cinematic and soundtrack music, I always look for new sample libraries for Kontakt. In fact, Kontakt is probably the most important VST for me. Which will be your go to VST?

Let’s see, what else is out there. Ehm..The guys from Output makes great plugins for sure. Signal is one I might get, cause I am a fan of rhythmic sounds and pulses.

There is so much choice now. The world of VST plugins is so huge. And what makes things even better, is that we will be able to control them with the integrated workflow of Reason, which makes VST even more powerful.

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Alright, Let’s hear it guys. Write your favorite VSTs you want to get first for Reason 9.5 in a comment below. Perhaps you know some amazing ones that others may have missed. Let’s help each other find the best VSTs out there. =)

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