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Propellerhead Reason 9.5 is simply amazing. And it is my favorite DAW right now. I have used Cubase, Reaper, Logic and Studio One in the past, but Reason has that visual hardware look, and hands on feel I personally love as a Music Composer and Sound Designer. However, it is not perfect. And I have some things I really miss from other DAWs, which I hope will be added into Reason soon. In this video I will share a list of 7 things I miss in Reason.

I love Reason 9.5. The VST support made me go back after using Logic for about 3 years. But here are 7 things I still miss in Propellerhead Reason 9.5:

Track Folders:
One thing I lacked straight away after going back to Reason from using Logic and Cubase for a couple of years, was track folders in the sequencer. I want to be able to group instruments and tracks together and fold them out as I need, because the sequencer will be much cleaner and more organized this way.

Freeze Function:
Sure, you can bounce tracks and mute the original track, but the workflow is not quite the same. I really loved the ability to freeze and unfreeze tracks whenever I needed to. This saves a lot of computer power.

Step Input Recording:
I used this function a lot in logic. Simply setting the note length and velocity value, then playing the chord sequence which ends up as a perfectly quantized part, with all note lengths being equal, and so on. It worked great for creating arpeggios, ostinato string patterns, runs etc.

Global Chord Track:
This is a feature I loved in Cubase, which was not available in Logic, and not yet in Reason. Basically the chord track is a global track in the top of the sequencer where you can write your chord progressions so they are clearly visible. You even got help to find the right chords. In Reason I would love to be able to use a Chord Track like this, and connect it to several instruments at the same time. That way I could change the track I’m working on entirely by switching out chords in a single track, the chord track.

Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t find a way to add markers to the sequencer timeline, so that you can jump fast between sections in your track, using the numpad on your keyboard.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros:
I would love to be able to create my own keyboard shortcuts, and even macros to speed up my workflow in Reason. There’s even function keys that are unused as shortcuts right now in Reason, so there are lots of opportunities here.

Video Support:
If you are going to make music for Film/TV/Video Games etc, you need to be able to sync to picture. So an integrated video player that syncs to your project is something I would love to have.

Alright! Now it’s your turn. Please share what features and functions you miss in Reason 9.5, especially if you have used other DAWs and found a special feature that you would love if Reason had as well.

PS. Your Music. Your Dreams. Your Future. Are you Ready to LEVEL UP? 😃

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer