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Hey friends! I’m sure that you are like me, and have role models in music. People that you admire, and music that inspire you. I truly believe that having role models is a good thing. It means that you aim high, and always have a source of inspiration and motivation for your own journey in music. But there is a catch.

So what’s the catch? It’s if you try to be like them. Using other people’s music for inspiration, like the masterpieces of your role models, is great. You should also analyze songs, compositions and productions to learn about things like: arrangement, instrumentation, harmonic progression, dynamics, expression, mixing, and other composing and production techniques. What you should not do, is try to become like them.

The world is a big place, and there are millions of music makers out there. Sadly, many people make the mistake of trying to follow a trend, or even mimic the sounds and style of their favorite artists. The only time this is a good thing, is if you are doing it for learning purposes.

So what should you do instead? I have a simple answer: be different. Let me give you an example: Michael Jackson was the best at being Michael Jackson. Queen was the best at being Queen. One of my role models, Hans Zimmer, will always be the best at composing and creating music that sounds like Hans Zimmer. The point is that if you try to mimic the sound and style of another artist, you will only end up with an inferior result that stands in the shadow of the original.

You should find your own style, develop your own sound, follow your own path. Remember that your biggest advantage is being yourself, because you are unique, and no one will ever be like you. When you develop your style and sound as a music maker an artist, you can also try to come up with something original and different. Like a special technique, sound, or thing you truly want to do, and you genuinely feel comes from your personality.

So remember to always be genuine and authentic, be unique, or simply put: be yourself. This is the true way to a successful career in music.

Alright, here are my top tips on what to focus on to be unique in the music industry.
1. Develop your signature sound: Blend styles and instruments in a unique way. Use creative performance techniques, mixing and effect chains etc. Make people recognize your special sound as soon as they hear one of your tracks.
2. Create your own personal style: Your outfit, performances, how you present yourself on camera, in interviews etc. Be yourself, but choose which parts of your personality to accent the most.
3. Design your unique artist brand: Name, logo, color theme, fonts, video style, graphics, photos etc. Your artist brand is basically everything people can see visually.

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