How to Compose Music that Sound Amazing (5 Tips)

How to Compose Music that Sound Amazing (5 Tips)What does it take to create music that sound amazing? How can you improve as a music composer? I have 5 Tips for you, that I consider essential to focus on, for your professional journey in music. Let’s Start, right now!

1. Learn, Practice and Master your Craft

– There is no denying it. Practice makes perfect. And your skills and experience as a composer, sound designer and producer will always have the strongest impact on your final productions. So my advice is: Learn Every Day, Practice Every Day, and Create Every Day. Your professional ambitions in music are dependant on your actions every day.

2. Quality always wins over Quantity
– Have you ever noticed how when you use a great sounding, high quality instrument…you don’t need to do make any complicated performance with it…it will sound amazing even with a simple chord progressions or melody. That is why I recommend you to invest in high quality instruments and sounds for your music. It is far better to have a few great instruments, than lots of average sounding plugins.

3. Make your Main Theme crystal clear
– As with all things in nature, beauty is most often found in simplicity. And music is no different. That is why my advice to you is: when you come up with an amazing theme, hook or riff in your music…work with it, not against it. Make all your other instruments and sounds support it. Make your main theme crystal clear to the listener. Whether that is a beautiful and lyrical melody, a catchy hook, a groovy rhythm, or a powerful motif.

4. Music is all about Teamwork

– When you compose music, you will most certainly use many different styles of instruments and sounds. For example: Drum and Percussion, Bass, Rhythmic and Comping Instruments, Lead Instruments and so on. You need to realize, that even if you are sitting by yourself, composing all these tracks inside your DAW…they are in fact a team inside your composition. So make sure that every instrument and sound you use in your track work together as a team. For example: Bass supporting the drums to create the action and drive, chords that support the melody with the chord changes and inversions you use, and so on. Your music, will sound far more powerful, and have amazing clarity, if all of your instruments work together as a team.

5. Treat your Music as a Story

– Imagine this. You are like a director, creating a story. But as a composer you are a storyteller, of sound. And every story needs a story arc to give the audience variation and dynamics, so they keep watching, or in this case listening. A good composer will always focus on the essentials, of storytelling in sound: Mood, Energy, Expression and Emotion. That is your mission as a composer, to create your music as a story.

Mike’s Words of Motivation
– There is no single path to greatness. No secret way to mastery. No shortcuts to success. The only way to move forward on your journey in music, is to take action. So my final advice to you, is to write down and schedule the learning, practicing and creative parts of your music journey. Take control over your future in music. Good luck my friends, and I will talk to you soon again.

PS. Your Music. Your Dreams. Your Future. Are you Ready to LEVEL UP? 😃

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer