YouTube Collaboration Guide

How to Collaborate on YouTube

Hey Friends, Mike here. And I am going to share the BIGGEST secret of growth on YouTube: WATCH VIDEO HERE.

So what is the secret, well I guess you already know because of the title of this video. It is of course: doing collaborations with other YouTubers in your niche. And it is both super easy and super powerful!

First question: Why Collaborate on YouTube?
Well, YouTube themselves say that it is one of the best ways to reach new people and increase your views and subscribers much faster. I mean, in its essence, a collaboration means that I introduce you and your channel to my audience…and you do the same on your channel for me. Collaborating on YouTube: Super easy, but super powerful.

Second Question: How does a Collaboration Work?
Well of course there are many ways to collaborate on YouTube. Here is my personal favorite because it has such an easy and practical workflow.

Collaboration Type 1: Split Segments Collaboration
If you think of a YouTube Video as 3 parts: The Intro, The Main Content and The Outro. A common way to collaborate, is that one person (Me) makes the Intro and Outro, and the other person (You) makes the Main Content for the Video. Then we make a second video where we do the reverse. As I said, super easy.

Collaboration Type 2: Dual Presence Collaboration
Since most of us don’t live close enough to do actual in person collaborations. A great way is to record a video skype call or any other video calling service, and perhaps do a Q&A video together, or talk about a specific theme that is interesting to your target audience. I can even be doing an interview.

Collaboration Type 3: Back and Forth Collaboration
This is a step up from the split segments collaboration. For a back and forth type collab you need to plan out the video a bit more, because you are actually going to edit it so that it cuts between you and your collab partner several times during the video. For example, let’s say you ask your collaborator a question, then you cut to his part when he answers, then cut back to you and so on.

These are just some examples of collaboration types you can do on YouTube. Now: Here are my top tips for reaching out to YouTubers with Collaboration ideas:

1. Focus on the Value and Benefit they get
This means you need to make sure they feel they get more out of the collaboration than you do. It’s mainly about channels statistics like: Subscribers, Channel Growth, Video Views and so on. But it’s not all about YouTube. For example: I have several other channels I can promote my collaborators on, such as my Facebook Groups, my Facebook Page, and even my Email List. So if you have some other leverage that you can use to spice up your collaboration offer, use it to make the collaboration proposal feel more appealing to the person you reach out to. Again, bring lots of value to them.

2. Focus on your Target Audience
For example: The target audience of my channel are music makers and artists. So it makes sense for me to reach out to other Music Channels on YouTube, both educators in the field of music, as well as entertainment based music channels. You want to make sure that the collaboration makes sense for both your audience and the channel you reach out to.

3. Focus on Cross Promotion
Simply doing a video that goes on your channel, and another video that goes on your collaborators channel…is not enough. Because the very purpose of a collaboration is to cross promote each other’s channels. So make sure that both of you really encourage your own audience to check out your collaborators channel. Include a link to your collaborators in the top of your video description, a youtube card, and even in a comment. And of course your collaborator should do the same for you.

Awesome! Now Take action if you truly want to grow your YouTube Channel much faster. I recommend that you go out on a YouTube Scout Mission. Which means, browsing around on channels in your niche, that you believe would be a great fit for a collaboration. Then copy and paste their channel link into a list on your computer, such as a notes app for example. Then you simply reach out to them one by one with your collaboration idea. And remember, always focus on the value and benefit they get, that’s the number one way of getting collabs.

Good luck on your collaboration adventures. My name is Mike, and I’ll see you next time! =)

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