How to Become Successful in Music?

How to Become Successful in Music?What do you dream of for your professional journey in music?

– Perhaps your goal is to simply have an extra source of revenue added to your monthly salary from your day job. Perhaps your dream is to make a full time income as a music composer and artist.

Or you might have huge ambitions, like myself, to build a successful business in music, to sustain your career, build a professional music studio, gain great connections in the industry, and build a great life based on your love and passion for music.

How can you reach your Dream Goal?

– Let me share a list of my personal tips to keep moving forward on your journey, build the momentum, and make sure you see the rewards of your hard work:

1. Write your Dream on Paper
– Be Specific. Include numbers, statistics, gear, type of music work, income streams. Basically: Try to paint the complete picture of your future in music, if all goes the way you plan. Writing your specific goals on paper is scientifically proven in many studies to have a great effect on your potential to realize them.

2. Work on your Dream every Day
– Take some action each and every day, in order to take at least a small step forward. A career in music is not a race, it is a marathon.

3. Learn something every Day
– I am a huge believer in life-long learning. You can learn from doing, learn from practicing, learn from education. As long as you actively learn every day, you will keep improving, and build a positive spiral that will greatly affect the speed that you build your career in music.

4. Network like a Professional
– Acting professional, respectful, and always with the mindset of giving more value than you gain from others, is one of the best ways to build connections, your professional network in the industry, which we all know is the key to true success in any field.

5. Grow your Music Portfolio
– Your music is your product. It is the foundation of your whole professional ambition. That is why it is essential that you keep growing your music portfolio. Not only will you have more tracks each week, but you will also improve your productions faster than any other way. Because we all learn best, by doing.

6. Measure your Progress
– What you measure, you improve. At least that is my experience. Because if you track statistics every week, for example in a google sheet, you will be constantly reminded of them. And they will automatically become your focus. Some example of things you can track for your music career progress are: Number of tracks in your music portfolio, number of sales on stock music websites, total income per month, number of people in your email list and so on.

7. Celebrate every Victory
– Most people are really good at finding errors in their work, complain about the lack of progress, or any other negative aspects of your journey. To that I say: flip the coin. Focus on all your wins and achievements, however small they are. And when you feel you passed a milestone on your journey, celebrate it. Because one of the keys to success, is here…in your mindset. Your optimism, your positive energy..that is what will keep you moving forward, and work hard to achieve your dreams.

8. Avoid the Great Eye
– We are bombarded with stuff every day. News that bring negative energy, entertainment that attracts us on Netflix, YouTube etc. Social Media that sends notifications to get our attention, and then draw us into the feed like the great eye in the Lord of the Rings. I recommend that you try to shield yourself from as much of this as possible. Be a creator, not a consumer. Not all the time, but the majority of it.

9. Schedule your Work Sessions
– I have found that for me personally, the best way to beat procrastination, and actually get things done…is to schedule every work session in my calendar. For example: 9 am – 11 am: Composing Session. In my work sessions I turn off every distraction on my phone, close all tabs on my web browser, and get into the mindset of production. Just do it!

10. Connect with Hard Working Peers
– The vast majority of people have big dreams, but completely lack the will to do the hard, dirty work every day for years, to build their dream into a real career. But we all need support from people that understand us. And we don’t get it from people outside of the music industry. So make connections and friends with peers, fellow music makers that actually do work super hard on their journey. Avoid wannabes and constant dreamers at all cost. Don’t let people hold you back, instead make friends with the people that run the marathon for real.

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PS. Your Music. Your Dreams. Your Future. Are you Ready to LEVEL UP? 😃

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer