Focus on Your Professional Journey as a Composer

Focus on Your Professional Journey as a ComposerHello fellow composer! 😃
– Mike here, and I want to focus this article on a very important subject: How to improve as a music composer and work your way to a professional standard in your craft. I write this, because I have seen a trend that makes me worried. In Facebook Groups, YouTube Comments and basically everywhere online: What I see is a lot of composers focus their attention on: Tools, Gear, Hardware and Software. And they sadly spend a tiny amount of their time, attention, energy and money on education, practice, learning and mastering their craft.

Don’t get me wrong: I love quality hardware and software as much as anyone, but what worries me is the lack of focus on active learning, practicing your craft and educating yourself in music composition, production, instrument performance and all the areas that should concern you as a composer.

Now let me be 100% honest and straight with you: I am a firm believer that your key focus should always be on Your Skills, and NOT your tools. A skilled professional composer can make amazing music on even the simplest tools, like a single piano, violin or guitar. But no matter how much great software plugins and instruments you own, you will never become a great composer if you don’t consistently and actively work on advancing your skills.

As a music composer and artist, there are so many skill sets you should always push your level up in, by consistent and purposeful practice, education to advance your knowledge, and using your skills actively when you compose your music.

Here is a list of examples of things I personally recommend you to focus your attention on, to learn, advance and level up as much as you can:

  • Music Theory Essentials – How Music Works
  • Music Composition: Rhythm & Percussion
  • Music Composition: Chords & Harmony
  • Music Composition: Melody and Motifs
  • Music Composition: Fills & Transitions
  • Music Composition: Hits & Accents
  • Music Composition: Ambience & Mood
  • Music Composition: Emotion & Expression
  • Music Composition: Song Structure & Arrangement
  • Sound Design: Synthesis Essentials
  • Sound Design: Layering & Morphing
  • Sound Design: Synthesis Essentials

This list might look daunting, but it’s not even the tip of the ice berg. There are more creative skills you should focus on, but not only that: You need a great skill set within business and marketing as well. In fact, let me give you some practical examples of that as well:

  • Marketing – Community Building
  • Marketing – Content Creation
  • Marketing – Video & Live Production
  • Business – Copywriting and Formal Writing
  • Business – Sales Strategies
  • Business – Email Marketing
  • Business – Customers and Clients Relations

Again, these are just some examples I could think of right now. I’m sure you can add a lot to this list as you read it now. =)

Take Action Now! 😃
– I recommend that you start focusing your time, energy and money on the very things that matter the most for your professional journey. And it’s not the plugins you use….it is your complete range of skills as a music composer and business person that you need to develop to reach that professional level. Skills within: Creative, Business and Marketing. Believe in yourself, and start taking action every week to develop in all these areas, and you will see progress. Because the only way to move forward, is consistent action. Good luck, and have fun on your professional journey in music.

PS. Your Music. Your Dreams. Your Future. Are you Ready to LEVEL UP? 😃

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer