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Hey friends!

My name is Mike, and I have been making music since 1998. My biggest dream is to become a successful music composer and sound designer.

I have come to realize that the competition is so huge today that I have to come up with creative ideas to get my music out there and promote my name.

That is why I have now decided to start making some of my music 100% free. How?

I will start making creative Commons music to share with you and everyone else, which means you can use it however you like as long as I get credit for it. I will license some of my music with a Creative Commons license (CC).

In order to make the best use of the 100% royalty free Creative  Commons music I publish, I will select license that requires attribution. This means that when someone use one of my tracks he or she is required to give me credit for it, and link to my website for example in the video description on YouTube.

The music I will choose for creative Commons will be mostly light, Upbeat, simple and generic music that can be used in a high number of situations. I will probably not make these tracks longer than two minutes at the most.

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