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Composing with Chord Progressions

WATCH VIDEO: How to Compose Music - Chord Progression Method Hey friends! You can compose music in many different ways, and from different angles. You start a new track from a rhythmic centric view. You can start from a melody or hook point of view. Or, you can choose to build your track from a harmonic perspective. [...]

Home Music Studio Tour 2017

Here is my Home Music Studio Tour for 2017. My complete music studio setup as well as a list of my VST Plugins and Sample Libraries. My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist from Sweden. I’m also a true old school nerd, who loves coffee, technology and science. =)

11 Ways to Make Money from Your Music

In this video I share 11 ways to Make Money from Your Music, especially as a Music Composer and Music Producer. You can make money from music streaming, music licensing, selling your music directly, composing custom music etc. Download the Full List as a PDF Guide for Free ► Join my VIP Email List: