Build your Music Composer Assets

I have developed a system for my Professional Journey as a Music Composer, which is based on several parts. And I’m going to share my complete system with you, to help you kickstart and advance your music career. One part of this system is: Your Music Composer Assets. Imagine if you owned several assets that all worked for you to help you advance your professional career as a music composer? Wouldn’t that be amazing? What can these assets be for you as a music composer? An asset is something you first create, then grow, and finally use to your advantage as leverage in your professional journey. An asset would be a place, a platform or channel that you control, that can introduce new people to your brand and your content, and where you can communicate with those people. Let me give you a list of examples of assets you can create and grow as a music composer:

  • Website with a Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Social Media Channels
  • Email List

The main point of creating and growing these assets is to have many different contact points for new people to find your brand, and yourself as a music composer. As you can see I did not include music only channels like Spotify and SoundCloud as assets. Because in my system, your assets are the platforms and places where you can regularly communicate with new people, followers and fans.

The best part comes when you have created and grown several assets. Because now you can use the great power called “Synergy”. This means that you can leverage all platforms and channels to cross promote between. For example, if you have only one asset which is your YouTube Channel, you will have a hard time gaining views and growing subscribers on that channel. But when you have many assets, you can promote your new video on those other channels you own. Are you starting to see the great benefits now? Building and growing your own assets as a music composer, is a very important part on your journey to a professional career in music.

Now Take Action! ?

Mike in Studio - Soundtrack Music Composer
Now go ahead and take action. First write a list of channels and platforms you want to focus on as your assets. Then start to create and grow those assets to help you on your professional journey. As always the trick to move forward in any field is easy:

  • First you Learn
  • Then you Implement what you Learned
  • Finally you Optimize for Maximum Efficiency

I wish you good luck and all the best for your professional journey in music.

PS. Your Music. Your Dreams. Your Future. Are you Ready to LEVEL UP? 😃

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer