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How to Become a Professional Music Producer – 7 Tips

How to Become a Professional Music Producer? In this video you will get 7 Tips to improve as a music producer. ✅ WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE Tip 1: Master your Tools (DAW/Plugins etc.) - It's better to learn and master the tools you have chosen, than to always expand with new things you need to learn. [...]

Your Professional Music Journey – How to Reach your End Game Goal

WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE How do you Become a Successful Music Composer, Producer and Artist? First, you need to Define your End Game for your Music Career. The Dream Destination you want to reach to truly become successful in music, and live your dream. 🔴 Kickstart your Music Career Free Course for You: https://goo.gl/VZp4TB

Sample Logic Arpology – Review and Demo by Mike

WATCH THE VIDEO QUICK REVIEW My Quick Demo and Review of Arpology by Sample Logic, which is a Kontakt Sample Library focused on Rhythms and Arpeggios. I also make a sound demo, as well as quick overview of the interface. Now let me do a quick summary of what Arpology is. In essence it is [...]

Shaker Sample Library for Your Music – Wavesfactory Sharine Review

Do you need Shaker Samples and Loops for your music? Watch Video here. Well this is an entire Kontakt Sample Library of Custom Playable and Programmable Shakers and Tambourines that you can mix and match to create your own custom shaker sound. =) This is a Quick Overview, Demo and Review of Sharine by Wavesfactory. [...]

MAC vs PC for Music Production – Best Computer for Music?

WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE Hey Friends and Creative People! Which computer system is best for Music Production. Mac or PC? I see this question so much that I think a video on this topic was needed. So I reached out to my good friend, Gary Hiebner, who is a very experienced and professional Sound Designer [...]