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In this video I will review Harmonix by Wavesfactory, which is a Kontakt sample library focused on String Harmonics. How to make beautiful music with a magic vibe? This is one answer! =)

I very much like the sound and ease of use of this library. I also like the creative aspect that you can mix and match between 3 different kinds of harmonics. The included effects are an extra bonus, even though I will probably use third party plugins in my DAW personally. But the sequencer can be really cool since you can program each layer individually for some really cool rhythms.

If you like the kind of sound that string harmonics has, I think you will really like this library. Harmonics are most often not meant to be in the front of the mix, but they can add a great depth and character to any song by layering it with another instrument, or using it as backing filler sound. If you want to know more about this library, I will include a link to it in the description.

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