Who Am I

Soundtrack Music Composer

Hello my friend. My name is Mikael Baggström, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist from Sweden with experience in Music Production since 1998.

Music is my single strongest passion in life, and I get a big smile on my face every time I hear my music used in a creative project. My mission is to create First Class Soundtrack Music that adds an extra Professional Sheen on Your Project.

My Professional Titles:

Music Composer 98%
Sound Designer 97%
Video Creator 95%
Mike in the Studio - Soundtrack Music Composer

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Soundtrack Music for Your Creative Project

You Create. I Compose.

I Compose Music for Film/TV/Video Games and other Media Productions.

Live Streaming Show with Mike

The Music Makers Show

I share my Professional Journey as a Music Maker and Artist.

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Video Trailer - Live Streaming Show with Mike

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Watch my Epic Journey on YouTube as a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist
Watch my Epic Journey

I Share my Story and Journey on YouTube

– I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist sharing my experience of making music since 1998. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get New Videos every week: and Gain Music Super Powers! =)

YouTube Collaboration

I am always looking for people to collaborate with on YouTube Videos for mutual benefit, which means equal value. My current requirements for collabs:

  1. Subscribers > 2000
  2. Average of >10 new subscribers per day.
  3. High Quality Videos with lots of engagement.

If you meet these requirements and have an idea for a collaboration video. Use the Contact Form and send a short message with the title “YouTube Collaboration”.

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